Aughild's Power is a Pauldrons piece of the Aughild's Authority crafted set in Diablo III. They require level 70 to be used. The level 42 crafted equivalent is Aughild's Reign.

Stats (Level 70)[edit | edit source]

Aughild's Reign.png

Aughild's Power
Set Shoulders

  • 586-674 Armor


  • +6 Random Magic Properties

Set Bonuses:

  • Reduces damage taken by 15% and increases damage dealt by 30% (2 set pieces)
  • Reduces damage from elites by 30%, and increases damage dealt to elites by 30% (3 set pieces)

Aughild was the only warlord to successfully lay siege to Entsteig. But, in the end, it proved to be his undoing.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Aughild's Power can be crafted using the Plan: Aughild's Authority, 72000 gold, 30 Reusable Parts, 30 Arcane Dust, 50 Veiled Crystals, Khanduran Rune and Corrupted Angel Flesh.

Prior to Patch 2.0.6., it also required one Shard of Entsteig Plate, obtained from unique Wraiths.

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