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An Ascenian

"Ascenian" was a term used by the jungle folk of Toraja for the people of the highlands that included Seram and Partha. By the time of the Sin War, the exact meaning of the term had been lost to the locals, but it had come to refer to anyone who looked akin to the residents of these areas (those with pale skin).[1] Literacy was rare for Ascenians.[2]

At some point prior to the Sin War, Ascenian colonists traveled to Kehjan. They came to mostly reside in the northern part of the capital.[3]

Notable Ascenians[]


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  • The Ascenians appear to be based on Greek and Roman civilization. This can be seen in their nomenclature, with individuals such as Uldyssian (Ulysses), Achilios (Achilles), Romus (Rome), etc. Even the term "Ascenian" itself is similar to "Athenian."