Arrows are light wooden projectiles with sharp metal heads and stabilizers (usually made of feathers), used to fire ranged weapons, propelled with immense force to impale the target.

Diablo IEdit

Arrows in Diablo I are unlimited in quantity, instead the amount of shots that Bows can fire without visiting town is limited by their Durability, unless the bow is Indestructible, that is.

Arrow flight speed is rather fast, but one may dodge it by walking aside. In return, arrows do not have limited range: they fly until they hit any obstacle. Like other missiles, arrows may fly through bars freely.

Some Traps fire Arrows at anyone triggering them.

Diablo IIEdit

Using a Bow in Diablo II requires to have Arrows equipped in the off-hand slot, irreversibly wasting one per shot. The maximum amount a Quiver can hold is 350 arrows, taking 1x2 tiles in the Inventory. When sold, the value of a full quiver is 43 Gold. Rogue Hirelings do not require Arrows to use with their Bows.

Some Amazon Skills fire enchanted arrows:

It is possible to fire a bow without expending arrows by using Skills that generate them (i.e. Magic Arrow). Several Unique Weapons are notable for always doing so:

Crossbows use Bolts instead of Arrows.

Diablo IIIEdit

Arrows do not make a comeback in Diablo III, but are partially brought back in form of Quivers. Both Bows and Crossbows use arrows now.

Some Demon Hunter skills fire magical arrows:

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