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Arreat Plateau
Act Act V
Quests None
NPCs Barbarian Combatants
Monsters Lasher,
Demon Imp(preset)
Uniques on Normal Lasher
Monsters - Nightmare,Hell Death Slasher,
Fire Boar,
Demon Gremlin,
Blood Bringer,
Hell Spawn(Minion),
Hell Whip
Guest Monsters Slinger,
Returned Mage L,
Returned Mage F,
Night Clan,
Carver Shaman
Uniques and Champions Quantity 1-2 (Normal)
6-7 (Nightmare)
9-11 (Hell)
Super Unique Monsters Thresh Socket
Adjacent Zones Frigid Highlands, Pit of Acheron, Crystalline Passage
Area Level Normal 26
Area Level Nightmare 60
Area Level Hell 81
Waypoint Yes

The Arreat Plateau is a large wilderness area between the Frigid Highlands and the Crystalline Passage. This area is the first place where you can fight an overseer type as normal monster. The entrance to the icy caves is guarded by Thresh Socket, a super unique monster.

Within this area is a waypoint and an hellish portal gate to the optional dungeon Pit of Acheron.