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"I do not need my siege weapons to slay you. You stand in the middle of the Army of Hell. It will crush you!"
Azmodan by norsechowder-blizzcon2011

Azmodan leading his Army of Sin

The Army of Sin (a.k.a. Army of Hell)[1] was a massive army of demons led by Azmodan the Lord of Sin.


In an attempt to obtain the Black Soulstone, Azmodan launched a full-scale siege on Bastion's Keep from the Arreat Crater.[2] The army was practically without limit, as more demons poured out of Hell with every passing hour.[1]

The Army of Sin nearly conquered the "impregnable" fortress, having slaughtered hundreds of defenders until Tyrael and his nephalem allies arrived to drive them back after they were tipped off by Leah via vision through the Black Soulstone.[2] With the arrival of The Nephalem, the tide began to turn against the army. When they allowed the keep's catapults to be raised, the war machines caused Azmodan's lines to fall into disarray almost immediately.[3]

The army was repelled from the keep, but its war machines continued to bombard it. However, even then, The Nephalem was able to fight their way through, destroying them. However, Azmodan could count on a steady supply of demons to reinforce his army, prompting The Nephalem to descend into the Arreat Crater to bring the fight to him directly. By this point, Azmodan had dragged up Sin Hearts from his realm, in order to empower his legions.[1] The Nephalem destroyed the Hearts, slew Cydaea, and finally, Azmodan himself.

By the end of the siege, the bodies of Azmodan's legions littered the battlefield, and their corpses lay smouldering in the crater.[4] Its lesser demons were left to roam Sanctuary.[5]



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