For the zone of the same name, see The Armory.

The Armory

The Armory is a feature for Diablo III, available for both PC and console, added in patch 2.5.0. It is located in the town hub of each act, near the Stash.

The Armory allows for the quick switching between up to 10 (per character) pre-made saved item sets, Kanai's Cube powers and skill loadouts. The items must still be present in the inventory or stash, but when switching gear, current items can be sent to stash.

The Armory loadouts will always use the highest level of appropriate gem (normal and legendary) the player has, there is no need to re-socket each item.

Up to five loadouts per character can be stored. Each set can be named for ease of reference, and displays the attire, skills, and Cube choices when the eye icon is clicked to preview.

Paragon points aren't saved.

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