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Armor of Akkhan set

Armor of Akkhan is a Crusader class set in Diablo III with seven pieces.

The set is named after Akkhan, the founder of the Crusaders.

It requires character level 70 to drop, and only drops at Torment difficulty. Most pieces are Crusader-only, and transmogrification of these items is only available to Crusaders.

The set's bonuses are designed around Condemn, Judgment, and Phalanx while keeping Akarat's Champion active. The designers aimed to give the set a distinct identity focused on the fantasy of a Knight-Commander style of Crusader.[1]


The set now consists of seven pieces, but originally did not include an Amulet. All items except the Amulet are Crusader-restricted.

Set Bonus:

Like most such bonuses, the 6 piece damage bonus is multiplicative with others. The damage of the Condemns applied by Phalanx Avatars is increased by damage bonuses to both skills, including Legendary Item powers, as well as pet damage bonuses. Any Elemental Damage bonus is based on the element of Condemn, not Phalanx. Condemn does not need to be in the player's action bar for the 4 piece bonus to work, although if it is, any Skill Rune chosen and its accompanying element will apply to the Avatars' Condemns as well.

Pre-rework set bonus[]

Before the redesign of the set in Season 27 / Patch 2.7.4, Armor of Akkhan only specifically referenced the Akarat's Champion skill.

Previous Set Bonus:

  • Reduces the Wrath cost of all abilities by 50% when Akarat's Champion is active. (2 pieces)
  • Reduces the cooldown of Akarat's Champion by 50%. (4 pieces)
  • While Akarat's Champion is active, the Crusader deals 2000% increased damage and receives 50% less damage. (6 pieces)


Unlike other classes, which each had four full class sets at the launch of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, including two for level 70, the Crusader had only the Armor of Akkhan as a class set. In Patch 2.1.0, developers planned to include a second one focused on Phalanx or Shield Bash[2], and settled on the latter (as well as Sweep Attack) with Roland's Legacy. The Phalanx concept would eventually return for the Armor of Akkhan itself.

In patch 2.4.3, Armor of Akkhan became the third class set in game to get an Amulet as a seventh piece (after Monkey King's Garb and Tal Rasha's Elements). No other changes were made to the set at that time.[3]

Season 27 and its accompanying patch 2.7.4 brought with it a rework of Armor of Akkhan to its current form involving Phalanx and Condemn, together with an update to Eternal Union which makes Phalanx avatars permanent. Developer Note: Our goal with the Armor of Akkhan rework is to narrow the focus of the set to give a distinctive identify, highlighting a fantasy where the Crusader is the Knight-Commander, passing judgment on the enemies of the Light.[1]


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