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Armaddons are large demonic beasts in Diablo III. Though bloodthirsty and savage, they were tamed (or, to put it more accurately, subdued) by Subjugators, who torture Armaddons into submission.


Mounted Armaddon

Armaddons are only encountered in Act IV. They are surprisingly quick for their size, and their brutal melee attacks may Stun the enemy for a short time.

In addition, Subjugators may mount Armaddons. If the two demons are close enough, a Subjugator will hop over the beast's back and remain immune to damage until the beast is killed (adding their attack to the mount, potentially being able to stun a hero and then launch a ranged bomb). When Armaddon dies, the Subjugator dismounts it unharmed and can fight on as normal.



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Armaddons bear resemblance to Diablo II Siege Beasts, who can also be ridden by Demon Imps.

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