"Fate will always aid when one's bravery holds, and when one's cause is great and just."


Arkaine was an ancient hero who turned the tide of the Sin War and drove the demons back to the Burning Hells. He was well known for wearing the Holy Armor known as Valor. Before his death, Arkaine stashed Valor in a secret vault. It was said that a hero would arise to don Valor once again when it was needed.

The legacy of Arkaine persisted long after his death. "Every child" is told his tale and that of his armor, word of his deeds existing in the collective minds of the peoples of Khanduras[1] and Entsteig. At some point The Lay of Arkaine was composed. Bards within Entsteig continued to compose sagas in honor of him well after his death.[2]

During the Darkening of Tristram, Valor was indeed retrieved by a hero.[1]


Arkaine's Valor can be retrieved in Diablo I, through the completion of the Arkaine's Valor quest. The armor also appears in Diablo II.


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