"I am Raithen, captain of this ship. And you're one breath away from being a dead man."

Aribar Raithen(src)

Aribar Raithen was a pirate captain and a character in The Black Road novel. It was Raithen who kidnaped Lhex, the nephew of the king of Westmarch, prompting Darrick Lang's rescue mission.

Raithen once was a sailor in the Westmarch navy, but left the navy to become a (rather successful) pirate lord. Riathen was a young, handsome and powerfully build man. Raithen was both cunning and brutal - he became captain of the Barracuda only after assassinating the previous captain. Raithen soon commanded his own pirate fleet, which he used to raid trade fleets and small settlements, often killing everyone on board.

Raithen was at one point contracted by the dark priest Buyard Cholik. Raithen provided the priest with slaves needed for his excavation projects, blinded by his greed and unknowing of Cholik's ulterior motives. Raithen's crew set up camp in the ruined city of Tauruk's Port.

When Cholik released the demon Kabraxis from his prison, Raithen confronted both the wayward priest and the demon. Though many of his pirate crew were slain or turned by the demon, Raithen defiantly attacked the demon. Though he actually managed to hurt the demon with his Fire-enchanted sword, Kabraxis easily destroyed the pirate lord.

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