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"The great Vizjerei Summoner, Horazon, built his Arcane Sanctuary somewhere around here..." -Drognan

Arcane Sanctuary is the fourth quest of Act II. It is initiated by speaking to Drognan after completing the Tainted Sun quest, who instructs the player to speak with Lord Jerhyn. After speaking with Jerhyn, the palace is no longer off limits for the player. The player explores the palace cellars to locate the Arcane Sanctuary, where he/she must find Horazon's Journal. After the journal has been read, a special red portal opens to the Canyon of the Magi and the quest is completed.


Drognan has been researching the old records in order to find the location of the Tomb of Tal Rasha. His research revealed the existence of a mythical Arcane Sanctuary, built by the great mage Horazon of the Vizjerei Clan. In his sanctuary, Horazon summoned and enslaved demons and kept an eye on great events, such as the imprisonment of Baal in Tal Rasha's Tomb. He also kept a record of the happenings of the outer world. Therefore, the Sanctuary should hold some clue to the whereabouts of the True Tomb of Tal Rasha. As Jerhyn's palace was built on the ruins of an ancient Vizjerei fortress, Drognan believes that there is an entrance hidden within the palace's cellars. Still there's no telling what could be waiting inside...

Further Information and TipsEdit

Enter the Palace and fight your way through the two levels of the harem and three levels of The Palace Cellar. There is a waypoint on the first level of the palace cellar. On the third level of the cellar, there is a portal in the middle of a room. It is guarded by several Sand Raider demons and a Super Unique monster named Fire Eye. Click on the portal to open it, then click again to enter the Arcane Sanctuary.

The Arcane Sanctuary consists of four "arms" with a waypoint at the center. Horazon's Journal is randomly placed at the end of one of the arms. At the end of the other three arms, there's typically a golden chest filled with treasures.

Fight your way through the maze of narrow paths and red portals. There will be several Goatmen, Wraiths and Vampires waiting in ambush. The small corridors allow the player to fight them in small packs, although the fire spells from the Vampires can be nasty, so items or skills that provide Fire Resistance are helpful. The quest notification will pop up with The Summoner quest upon locating the super unique of the Sanctuary, who is conveniently close to Horazon's Journal. Defeat The Summoner and read the Journal. A special Red portal opens to the Canyon of the Magi, and the quest log will now display the symbol of the True Tomb of Tal Rasha.

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