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Arcane Barb is a crafted legendary crossbow in Diablo III. It requires character level 70 to be used. The level 57 crafted equivalent is the Starspine.

Predictably, it has a guaranteed Arcane Damage bonus.

Stats (Level 70)[]


Arcane Barb
Legendary Crossbow


  • 2134.0–2427.2 Damage Per Second
    • (1760–1978)–(2120–2435) Damage
    • 1.10 Attacks per Second
  • +(981–1199)–(1175–1490) Arcane Damage
  • +5 Random Magic Properties

The shimmering metal stock conceals a strange power source capable of charging each shot with arcane energy.


Starspine can be crafted using the Plan: Arcane Barb, 64000 gold, 20 Reusable Parts, 20 Arcane Dust, 30 Veiled Crystals, Corrupted Angel Flesh and Westmarch Holy Water.

Prior to patch 2.0.6., it also required one Eternal Power Capsule that dropped only from unique Cuddle Bears in Whimsyshire.