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Arachyr, according to the Tomes of Creation, was the first creature created on Sanctuary, and as such, is the 'father' of every creature of the world that followed.[1] He is often represented as a spider, but there is much debate as to how many legs he actually had.[2] Much like his offspring, it is said he can be charmed to do ones bidding-but often turns on his supplicants with no warning.[3] However, Arachyr is not malicious by nature: his actions are thoroughly purposeful, and their main purpose is to amuse himself.[4]

Arachyr could heal his followers through life essence of otherworldly creatures, summoned from chaotic realms between Sanctuary and the Unformed Land.[5][6].

The strength of Arachyr's children lies in their unpredictability.[7]


Arachyr is referenced in the Spirit of Arachyr item set and Coils of the First Spider flavor lore.


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  • Arachyr's name is possibly derived from Arach root (Greek "Spider"), which, in turn, comes from the myth of Arachne, who was turned into a spider by the goddess Athene.