For the Diablo III skill rune, see Blizzard (Diablo III).

Requires: 149 Magic
Cost: 150 Mana (-6 per Spell Level, minimum 90)

Devastates the battlefield with unstoppable hellfire.

Damage Type: Physical

Apocalypse is a spell in Diablo I.

General InformationEdit

When cast, blasts every enemy on screen (even those out of direct line of sight and behind solid walls in the original game) for high Physical damage, ignoring their resistances. Golem is unaffected by the blast.

In the original Diablo, this spell can only be cast with scrolls and staves. In Hellfire, however, the book of Apocalypse can be obtained after defeating Na-Krul.

This powerful spell is used by Diablo himself in the original Diablo game, but it appears different from the spell available to the player. It is the only spell capable of damaging enemies which were immune to Fire, Magic, and Lightning.

Despite being animated as Fire, Apocalypse has a special type of damage that cannot be resisted (but can be blocked), and that no monster is immune to. In Diablo it hits everything on the screen, even over walls, and is frequently used to thin out the creatures inside of Diablo's square before the bone levers are thrown. In Hellfire the spell can be learned from spellbooks, but they are only dropped by Na-Krul, and the spell requires a line of sight to work; it can't be used over walls anymore.

Apocalypse is arguably the most powerful spell in the game. The Mana cost is exorbitant, however, even for a fully maxed Sorcerer, and due to high requirements, learning it even at Spell Level 1 is a challenging task.

Damage Calculation:

  • Minimum Damage: Character Level
  • Maximum Damage: 6 x Character Level
  • Real damage: Itt(Character Level, Random[1-6] + 1)

Itt stands for iterative function.


Diablo 1 spells - Apocalypse (by Decimius)

Diablo 1 spells - Apocalypse (by Decimius)

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