Anya is the daughter of the Harrogath Elder Aust and his wife Elora. Anya was a young alchemist who managed to uncover the treachery of Nihlathak. She discovered that the Elder was responsible for her father's death as he was in league with Baal, the Lord of Destruction. He gave Baal the Relic of the Ancients which enabled Baal to ascend to the summit of Mt Arreat without being challenged by the mountain's guardians, the Ancients.

Nihlathak kidnapped her and imprisoned her in a block of ice in a cave somewhere on Mt Arreat. Her rescue is the objective of the Prison of Ice quest and after her rescue she gives the Betrayal of Harrogath quest.

What became of her when a huge region around Mount Arreat was devastated when the Worldstone was destroyed is unknown. She either evacuated to safety, or perished within.


After rescuing her from her ice prisonEdit

  • "You have proven yourself a true hero to me and my people.
    These are dark times, warrior. I hope you can bring an end to Baal's reign of destruction.
    Our Council of Elders is gone - my father, Aust, among them. The one thing that keeps us from total despair is the promise of vengeance against Baal.


  • "Can I help you?"
  • "Good Evening."
  • "Good Morning."
  • "Good Morning Warrior."
  • "Hello."
  • "Hello Warrior."
  • "What are your needs?"
  • "Yes?"


  • "Many outsiders believe that the fantastic stories about our ancestors, The Ancients, are but fables.
    However I believe that the ancients are more than human,
    that mankind has fallen from it was once.
  • "When I was a child, the elders told us stories about the mountain and its power,
    and how the barbarian people are bound to it as protectors. Baal is not just taking our land,
    with every step he takes up the mountain he takes a part of who we are as people.
  • "I'm truly glad you're here warrior. Perhaps things would be different now
    if we had ask for assistance from our neighbored kingdoms... our foolish, foolish pride.
  • "My father, Aust, was among those elders wise enough to see that we would need outside help to deal with Baal's legions.
    He believed that this conflict would affect our entire world, not just our homeland.
    He said that Mount Arreat is as necessary to the world survival as food and water for our own. I believe this to be true.
  • "Qual-Kehk's confidence in his abilities once bordered on arrongance.
    But in the early days of the siege he was humbled by Baal, while he saved us from immediate destruction a third of our warriors were lost.
    None felt those losses more than he. Though he may not admit it, your presence gives him hope, warrior.
  • "If Larzuk could sing or dance half as well as he smithes, he'd be married by now, just look at those shoulders."

Prison of IceEdit

After Finding her:

  • "Hero... Nihlathak did this to me. If you've come to help me...
    my only hope lies with Malah... please tell her you found me.

Upon Rescue:

  • "Meet me in town... Hurry!"

Upon Completion:

  • "Thank you Hero, for rescuing me. To show my personal gratitude I give you this, I have a custom made for you by Larzuk.

Betrayal of HarrogathEdit

Quest Initiation:

  • "Nihlathak told me, he struck a deal with Baal, to protect Harrogath.
    In exchange for the demons' mercy, the misguided fool plans to give Baal the relic of the ancients, our most holy totem.
    Doing so will allow Baal to enter Mount Arreat unchallenged by the Ancients.
    I tried to stop Nihlathak, but he imprisoned me in that Icy tomb. Nihlathak must be stopped before he dooms the whole world.
    As much as I would love to strangle the life out of him I'm afraid I haven't the strength, you must go to his lair through this portal I've opened.
    Kill him and bring back the relic of the ancients. Stop Nihlathak from destroying what we've striven for eons to protect.

After Initiate:

  • "As noble as Nihlathak's intentions are, nothing can excuse his actions."

Early Return:

  • "Nihlathak is a traitor, if Baal gets the relic he shall enter the mountain and wreak havoc there.
    I cannot belive that Nihlathak would give the relic to Baal in any kind of trade.
    He's truly insane if he thinks he can deal with the Lord of Destruction.

Upon Completion:

  • "You've stopped Nihlathak, but he didn't have the relic.
    He must have already given it to Baal. Now Baal will not be tested when he reaches Arreat's summit... Damn Nihlathak...
    I do thank you for trying. Please allow me to honor your courage by magically inscribing your name onto an item of your choosing...
    It's the least I can do.

Rite of PassageEdit

After Initiate:

  • "You wouldn't have to test yourself against the ancients if it weren't for Nihlathak's treachery.
    He was a fool and deserves to suffer for eternity.

Early Return:

  • "Look... I must apologize. I feel responsible for your current troubles.
    If I had only stopped Nihlathak from giving Baal the relic, you would not have to fight those ghosts.

Upon Completion:

  • "You stand before me a worthy hero. And on you rests the last hope of our people... bear it well warrior."

Eve of DestructionEdit

After Initiate:

  • "Baal has blocked Tyrael from entering the Worldstone Chamber?
    This truly has become a battle against Hell. Whether or not it was the Heaven's decree.
    This is your fight now... your destiny.

Upon Completion:

  • "You've done the impossible hero. Your defeat of the last of the three Prime Evils
    is a great victory for the light. Strange that you said that The Worldstone must be destroyed.
    The prophecy said nothing about that, perhaps only what we've fought for will be lost,
    or perhaps we will never need fight again.


Anya offers the following list of items:

She also offers gambling, after Nihlathak is gone.


Anya offers to personalize an item of your choosing with your name once you defeat Nihlathak. Personalizing an item simply adds your name to the beginning of the item's name. This works on unique weapons. Personalization can only be used once per difficulty.

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