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"Cutting up the local fauna is within your remit, isn't it"

Animals (a.k.a. Beasts) are one of the three major enemy types in the Diablo series, alongside demons and undead.


Animals of various kinds exist (and have existed) through Sanctuary. The Priests of Rathma believe that as humanity became more intelligent and skilled with tools, animals, per the Balance, became more silent, more deadly, more swift.[1] Often, a wounded animal is more dangerous than one at full health.[2]


The animal class refers to any wildlife, usually native to Sanctuary](i.e. not demonic or angelic). Some animals are even intelligent or semi-intelligent, and may even use magic. Corrupted wildlife may or may not be an animal, however, a savage demonic creature will not fall into this category.

Khazra, which are corrupted humans in essence, count as demons in Diablo II, but as beasts in Diablo III.

Undead may be risen from animal remains if needed.

Diablo I[]

In Diablo I, Animals are resistant to blunt weapons, but weak against sharp blades. Fallen Ones, Scavengers, Spitting Terrors, Bats, Horned Demons and most creatures in the Hive are Animals.

Diablo II[]

In Diablo II, Beasts do not exist as a marked category, but many enemies will count as Animals: Blood Hawks, Sand Maggots, Wendigo, Giant Spiders and Swarms, to name a few. They no longer receive altered damage from any specific weapon types.

Diablo Immortal[]

In Diablo Immortal, Beasts exist as a marked category.[3]

Diablo III[]

In Diablo III, Beast enemies are a separate category, and include khazra in addition to many animals. Pig Sticker and Monster Hunter are specifically designed against Beasts.

Ancient Beasts are a separate type of monster, completely independent from Animals, and refers to the wildlife of Pandemonium.


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