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Angelic Halo is a set ring in Diablo II. It is one of the four pieces of the Angelic Raiment item set.

Angelic Halo is often paired up with one other piece of Angelic Raiment, such as Angelic Wings, to provide a powerful attack rating boost. Some even go as far as to wear two Angelic Halos to double the boost.

The +50 magic find for wearing three set pieces is nearly unrivaled. Granted, there are more efficient ways to add magic find, but there are few other items which also provide such a massive attack rating bonus when a melee character is having trouble landing hits on their opponents.


Angelic Halo

Rarity: 300/1000
Required Level: 12

Replenish Life +6
+20 To Life

+144-1188 Attack Rating (+12 Per Character Level) (2 Items)
+50% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items (3 Items)