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One of the event's possible outcomes

The Ancient Device is a random rare event in Act II of Diablo III. It takes place in the Desolate Sands in two forms: In Campaign Mode, at a single location with a large "device", and in Adventure Mode, as an exploration bounty called The Ancient Devices.


When it appears in the campaign, the single large device spawns in either the North or South central areas of the Desolate Sands. This area must be explored in order to complete the achievement Nooks and CranniesLyndo's Journal is always found next to the device.

When the event appears as a bounty, 4 smaller Ancient Devices will be scattered across the desert, each guarded by a pack of champion Betrayed. All must be activated to complete the bounty. It is the only exploration bounty to be directly adapted from a normal event.

To activate any version of the device, one must interact with the pillar to its left without being interrupted. This brings one of several possible objects, monsters or monster packs up from within the device:

Some of these are only possible in one of the two modes. Defeating the monsters, if any, is not required to complete the bounty.


To complete the achievement Wheel of Misfortune, players need to generate all 10 random outcomes. This is difficult to complete because the various outcomes are not of equal possibility. The bounty version makes it faster since each event spawn comes with 4 chances for different outcomes, players can see if the event has spawned as soon as the game is loaded, and the device's location is marked on the map from a large distance away.