Anajinn is a name given to numerous Crusaders throughout the history of the order in Sanctuary.


The Anajinn name was borne by many Crusaders, most, if not all of whom, took on a quest to seek the Light instead of fighting Darkness[1]. One by one, they took apprentices who would continue the search[2], even though they knew that it is probable that Darkness would take them before the Light was found, it was the search itself that mattered.[3] Over time, apprentices succeeded their mistresses, and the search continued.[4]

Anajinn believed that Light could be found in everyone, although dimmed, and needing aid from an external source[5]. She also knew that the search would be the greatest test of her life, yet embraced it willingly.[6]

The Golden Scourge once belonged to one of the Crusaders who bore the Anajinn name. She killed many enemies with it, so many that her apprentice lost count, but figured that their corpses would cover the distance from Kurast to Westmarch - twice.[7]

The skull of one Anajinn was fashioned into the Crown of the Light.[8]


A legendary flail known as the Golden Scourge, as well as the Seeker of the Light Set, are named for Anajinn, and apparently were wielded by many of the Crusaders bearing that name.

The Indestructible skill is narrated by her.


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