Amelia Cain was the wife of Deckard Cain. In 1233, she gave birth to her son, Jered. Jered's name however, was a point of contention that added to the growing tension between her and her husband. Cain was far too focused on his studies and role as Tristram's schoolmaster for Amelia's liking. Why had he named Jered after his famous ancestor, she asked, when Deckard's Horadric lineage supposedly meant nothing to him? And why was he never there for his son, or for her?

Four years after Jered's birth, the strain in the marriage came to a head, and Amelia up and left Tristram and Deckard, taking Jered with her. They headed east, with the intent of living with her mother. However, bandits attacked their wagon, and both Amelia and her son were killed. Thomas Abbey's men suspected that they had been killed by bandits, but the perpetrators were never found.[1]


The deaths of his wife and son haunted Deckard decades after their death, and he still held onto the death notice he had received concerning them. Years later, Belial turned Cain's grief against him. Twisting the truth as per his wont as the Lord of Lies, Belial claimed that Jered and his mother were actually attacked by khazra, their souls dragged down into the Burning Hells to writhe in agony. In the end though, Deckard saw through his lies.[1]


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