The Altar of the Heavens is the pedestal found in the Arreat Summit.

The player must activate this holy altar to interact with the Ancients. The top glows red after clicking on the altar, and after the speech given by Talic, Madawc, and Korlic, the Ancients come alive and must be defeated in order for the spiked gate to the Worldstone Keep to open.

After the Ancients have been defeated, the Altar no longer responds to being clicked.

Upon activating the Altar

We are the spirits of the Nephalem, the Ancient Ones. We have been chosen to guard sacred Mount Arreat, wherein the Worldstone rests. Few are worthy to stand in its presence. Fewer still can comprehend its true purpose. Before you enter, you must defeat us.


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  • The Altar has a script written on it that looks like Sanskrit. On closer inspection, it reveals Maanva Madnav to be the words in question. What it means in real-life or in game lore is unknown at the moment.
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