Allen Adham

Allen Adham

Allen Adham is the head of Blizzard Entertainment's Incubation team.[1]


Adham is one of the three original founders of Blizzard, alongside Frank Pearce and Mike Morhaime. He ran the company for thirteen years. In the last few years of his time at Blizzard, he was both running the company and overseeing development of World of Warcraft as lead game designer. Exhausted by 6-7 day weeks, Adham left Blizzard just after WOW was released to start a hedge fund, using artificial intelligence to trade the stock market (Adham has commented that this was another "video game" for him). About one to two years into the job, Adham came to regret his decision, missing work on working on videogame work. However, it gave him a good work-life balance. He returned to Blizzard in 2016.[2]


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  • Adham's first game was Pong. His favorite game of all time is EverQuest.[3]
  • Adham plays about 4 hours of games per day—2 hours of console/PC in the morning, 2 hours of mobile in the night.[3]


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