"I wished I'd killed Aletur sooner. Brave warrior. Didn't deserve the life of an Unclean."


Aletur, The Howling Storm, is a unique Unclean One found in Ruins of Sescheron in Act III of Diablo III.


Aletur was a denizen of Sescheron. In regards to a set of bracers in his possession, he declared that he did not care about their origins, only that they helped him defeat his enemies.[1]

After the Siege of Sescheron, he survived as a flesh-eater, driven mad in the years to come.[2]


Aletur can randomly spawn in the Ruins of Sescheron. It appears that he dual-wields two huge blades that do not visually match any in-game weapons.

Like other Barbarian cannibals, Aletur has very high melee damage, huge Life pool and moves very quickly. In addition, he has Leap skill that deals damage upon landing, and summons multiple Pack Hunter wolves at his side in the beginning of combat. He has no monster affixes, though.

Red Wolf

War-painted wolf

The flavor text of the Bracers of the First Men is narrated by him.


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