"And a child will cradle Terror in his breast as the heart of man falls under the shadow."

Prophecies of the Final Day (excerpt)(src)

Prince Albrecht of Khanduras was the younger son of King Leoric.


Albrecht accompanied his family when they came to Tristram, from where Leoric would govern Khanduras. Leoric noted that Albrecht appeared to enjoy his new home.[1]

As the Darkening of Tristram progressed, Diablo attempted to claim the king's body, but was not strong enough to fully take possession. The demon required a host, simple and innocent, and thus found Albrecht to be fitting.


Diablo possesses Albrecht

Albrecht was captured by the traitorous Archbishop Lazarus and was taken down into the depths of the catacombs of the Tristram Cathedral. Diablo's shattered soulstone was driven into Albrecht's forehead, and the Demon's vile spirit entered his body and eventually twisted the boy's body into an approximation of his true form.[2]

A group of heroes—a Vizjerei sorcerer, Blood Raven the Rogue captain, and Albrecht's brother, Prince Aidan—entered the darkened monastery in an attempt to find and rescue the Prince. Lazarus was encountered and defeated at the Unholy Altar, but the adventurers only found a different child, sacrificed by Lazarus as an offering.[3]


Albrecht freed from Diablo's grasp

Unwilling to give up hope, the heroes sought out, encountered, and eventually vanquished the Lord of Terror himself. Diablo let out a tortured scream of death, which went all the way up to the mortal realm, shattering the windows of the cathedral. In his dreams, Deckard Cain could have sworn that he heard a child's scream in the midst of the terrible roar.[4] Kneeling down beside the defeated Prime Evil, Aidan used a small blade to remove the soulstone from Diablo's forehead. Diablo's body transformed back into that of Prince Albrecht, who then gasped his final breaths.[5]


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  • Albrecht is the only known host for any Prime Evil to transform into human form and/or remain alive (even for a few moments) after the defeat of the possessing demon.


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