For the item suffix, see Alacrity.
Pacifism.png Alacrity
Attack Speed of Primary skills (Spirit Generators) increases by 15%.

"The harmony of mind, body, and spirit brings many blessings. A monk who has become as one will move like a storm crashing into the mountains. Fast, hard, and without hesitation." — Patriarch Anisim

Alacrity is a Monk passive skill, unlocked at level 40. As of Patch 2.1, it replaced the Guiding Light.

In-game[edit | edit source]

The skill only affects Primary attacks: Fists of ThunderDeadly ReachCrippling Wave and Way of the Hundred Fists. Other skills that replenish Spirit do not benefit from it.

Primary Skills
Fists of ThunderDeadly ReachCrippling WaveWay of the Hundred Fists

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Passive Skills
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