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"You came here seeking Akara, yes? It is time the two of you met. She may be the High Priestess of the Sisters of the Sightless Eye, but she is also like a mother to me."

- Kashya(src)

Akara is the high priestess of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, serving as its spiritual leader.

Akara is a quiet, dignified woman,[1] who intones rather than speaks. She is naturally suspicious of outsiders.[2] Deckard Cain described her as being soft-spoken, inscrutable, and wise.[3] She believes that more women are needed to fight against the enemies of Sanctuary.[4]


During her time in the Sisterhood, Akara became practiced in the use of the Sightless Eye.[3] She oversaw the spiritual aspects of the Order, while Kashya oversaw military matters. Kashya regarded Akara as being a surrogate mother.[4]

The Sightless Eye

When Moreina returned from Tristram, Akara felt ill at ease. She suspected that Moreina had stumbled upon some evil force beneath the town.[4]

In 1264, when Akara was in her early forties,[1] Eastgate Keep was captured by Andariel. She corrupted many Rogues and drove the rest of the Sisterhood out of their ancestral home. Akara ended up in an encampment in the wilderness of Khanduras.[4] She resided in a simple hut which granted her more privacy than other areas of the camp.[1] Akara was deeply affected by the loss of Eastgate, and Charsi feared that she blamed herself for what had happened.

Some travelers arrived in the camp, including Warriv and Gheed. She did her best to stay clear of the latter.

Akara talks to one of the heroes

Afterwards, a group of heroes in pursuit of the Dark Wanderer arrived in the camp. She implored them to find a way to lift Andariel's curse.[4] After they cleansed the Den of Evil, they gained her trust.[5]

Aware of the threat Andariel represented, Akara bid the heroes travel to Tristram in order to find Deckard Cain. They succeeded,[6] and later went on to defeat Andariel. She thanked the heroes for their efforts, and hoped that one day, the Sisterhood could be rebuilt.[7]

While at the camp (or potentially in the following years), Cain entrusted Akara with a tome of Horadric origin. However, she later commented that "its strange magics were never meant for me."[8]

After the events with Andariel, Charsi chose to leave the Sisterhood. Before she left, Akara gave her an amulet that, if used, would open a portal to the Dark Wood, in case Charsi ever had to find her way back home.[9]

The Bloodsworn

"As you have undoubtedly seen, the Dark Wood suffers greatly at the hands of the Bloodsworn. Their leader, Lakrii, was once one of us...until her heart was broken. She abandoned us and made a new family, while tearing apart her old one."

- Akara(src)


In 1270, Akara, still high priestess of the sisterhood, was in the Dark Wood, as she and her forces moved against the Bloodsworn. While at their camp, she was introduced to a hero/group of heroes, who told her that they had been sent by Cain; that he had hoped that she could help them find one of the shards of the Worldstone which had fallen in the area. Akara mused that a Worldstone shard could explain the Bloodsworn's power. She agreed to provide the hero(es) with assistance, and gave them the tome Cain had provided her with years prior, commenting that Cain had sent them here "to complete the circle." She gave them the tome, and instructed them to speak with Hemlir.[8]

After failing to conduct a ritual to cleanse the Dark Wood's corruption, Hemlir turned to Akara for advice. She intoned that dark magic had corrupted the forest, and as such, dark magic was needed to bind the ritual.[10]

Akara grieves for Liene

Akara later travelled to the Sanguine Ruins, where she found Liene, either dead, or dying. When the hero(es) returned after slaying the Blood Rose, they found Akara grieving over Liene's body. Bitterly reflecting on the deaths of Hemlir, Liene, and dozens of sisters, Akara declared that they couldn't allow their sacrifices to be in vain. The hero(es) told her that while the Blood Rose was dead, Lakrii had sacrificed herself to the creature, and in doing so, had fully revived the Countess. Akara declared that she had to be slain, as such an evil could not be allowed to possess the power of the Worldstone. Intoning the deeds of the heroes she had encountered five years prior, she told the new hero(es) that like the ones before them, they would have to travel to the Forgotten Tower, join with Kashya and the Rogues making their attack, and slay the Countess.[11]


Diablo II

Akara is located at the Rogue Encampment in Act I of Diablo II. She triggers the Den of Evil quest when the player begins the game and the Search for Cain quest when the player finishes Sisters' Burial Grounds.

When visited she will instantly heal and rejuvenate the player character and his/her hireling. The player can also buy scrolls, potions, staves, wands and scepters from her. She's very fond of sorceresses.

Akara can reset player character's stats and skills once per difficulty level after the Den of Evil quest has been completed. Subsequent respecializations require a Token of Absolution.



Akara's hut

  • "Hello."
  • "Yes?"
  • "Greetings."
  • "The Order welcomes you."
  • "Good morning."
  • "Good day."
  • "Good evening."
  • (Return from Act II) "Welcome back, my friend. We are still cleaning the Monastery, but you are welcome to stay here as long as you need."
  • General
I am Akara, High Priestess of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye. I welcome you, traveler, to our camp, but I'm afraid I can offer you but poor shelter within these rickety walls.

You see, our ancient Sisterhood has fallen under a strange curse. The mighty Citadel from which we have guarded the gates to the East for generations, has been corrupted by the evil Demoness, Andariel.

I still can't believe it... but she turned many of our sister Rogues against us and drove us from our ancestral home. Now the last defenders of the Sisterhood are either dead or scattered throughout the wilderness.

I implore you, stranger. Please help us. Find a way to lift this terrible curse and we will pledge our loyalty to you for all time.
  • Sorceress
Greetings, young Sorceress. It is good to see more of your kind at work in the world these dark days. In my opinion, the world needs more women to fight against the great shadow. But I am forgetting my manners...

I am Akara, High Priestess of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye. I welcome you, traveler, to our camp, but I'm afraid I can offer you but poor shelter within these rickety walls.

You see, our ancient Sisterhood has fallen under a strange curse. The mighty Citadel from which we have guarded the gates to the East for generations, has been corrupted by the evil Demoness, Andariel.

I still can't believe it... but she turned many of our sister Rogues against us and drove us from our ancestral home. Now the last defenders of the Sisterhood are either dead or scattered throughout the wilderness.

I implore you, stranger: please help us. Find a way to lift this terrible curse and we will pledge our loyalty to you for all time.
I understand that Cain is the last descendant of the ancient Horadrim and that his knowledge of their lore is vast. He could prove to be very useful in discerning the nature of our current crisis.
Kashya has always been fiercely loyal, but I fear her anger and frustration over these recent events will lead her into harm's way. She is highly protective of the few Rogues remaining under her command and will not send them into combat unless there is dire need.
Charsi is young and innocent. However, I believe her Barbarian blood thrills to the prospect of adventure and danger. She takes great pride in her work and finds comfort in the fact that her weapons and armor are helping to end this evil plague.
Though he has only been our guest for a short time, I sense that Warriv has faced many harrowing trials. Though he knows, as I do, that a terrible evil has blanketed the land, his only real concern is to reach the eastern trading ports with his caravan.
To be honest, I have done my best to stay clear of Gheed. He wears dishonesty about himself like a cloak and seeks only to better his situation by preying on the misfortunes of others.
  • Evil
The wilderness is overrun with Evil and the minions of Hell have taken our rightful home. We must purge all Evil from the Monastery and restore order to the world.
  • Sightless Eye
I often dream of the day we reclaim our own. The Sightless Eye sees through the mist of time a great glory ahead, but how far ahead the Eye cannot discern.
  • Mental discipline
Our mental discipline is matched only by our skill in archery... I only hope these are enough to withstand this awful trial.
  • Corruption
Beware that you do not suffer the fate of the corrupted Rogues. To lose one's life is a tragedy, but to lose one's soul is even worse.
  • Corrupted Rogues
Even though the corrupted ones were once of our Order, you need not shy from slaying them, for they stand between you and Andariel.

Perhaps, when the Demon Queen is dead, our Sisters will return to life, but more likely they will be forever bound to their unholy pact.
  • Ambition (Sorceress)
The Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye has a long and distinguished history. Over the generations our Order has become a deadly fighting force as well as a bastion for women who sought to forge their own destiny.

Yet beware, young one, the lure of power and knowledge can lead to disaster. I have seen ambition foul the bravest of hearts and recklessness dull hard-won wisdom.

You would do well to tread lightly upon the dark path you have chosen to explore.
Den of Evil
  • Quest Initiation
There is a place of great evil in the wilderness. Kashya's Rogue scouts have informed me that a cave nearby is filled with shadowy creatures and horrors from beyond the grave.

I fear that these creatures are massing for an attack against our encampment. If you are sincere about helping us, find the dark labyrinth and destroy the foul beasts.

May the Great Eye watch over you.
  • After Initiate
I should add that many Rogue scouts have died in that horrible place. We cannot afford to lose any more. If you choose to enter that Den of Evil, you must do so alone.
  • Early Return
Your task is not complete until you have killed all the demons in that cave.
  • Upon Completion
You have cleansed the Den of Evil. You've earned my trust and may yet restore my faith in humanity.

Your reward is training in the skill of your choice.
Sister's Burial Grounds
  • After Initiate
Blood Raven fought valiantly against Diablo in the catacombs beneath Tristram... She was never quite the same afterwards. It is now obvious she brought an evil influence back with her.
  • Early Return
If you fail to destroy Blood Raven, I fear that our Order will perish forever.
  • Upon Completion
Andariel must be made to pay for her sacrilege!
Search for Cain
  • Quest Initiation
It is clear that we are facing an Evil difficult to comprehend, let alone combat.

There is only one Horadrim sage, schooled in the most arcane history and lore, who could advise us... His name is Deckard Cain.

You must go to Tristram and find him, my friend. I pray that he still lives.
  • After Initiate
Tristram is too far to journey by foot... Cain would likely be dead, when you arrived. However, there is a magical portal that will take you there instantly.

To open it, one must stand within the circle of Cairn Stones and touch them in a certain order. The proper order can be found in the runes written on the bark of the Tree of Inifuss.

You must find the sacred Tree of Inifuss and bring back its bark. I will translate the runes to unlock the Stones' mystic pattern.
  • Early Return
How will you find Cain without going to Tristram? Finding the Tree of Inifuss is the first step on your journey.
  • After Finding the Scroll
Ah, very good. I have translated the runes on this scroll. You must find the Cairn Stones and touch them in the order that I have written.
  • After Entering Tristram
If he still lives, Deckard Cain may be in grave peril! You must hurry to Tristram before all is lost!
  • Upon Completion
You have risked your life to rescue Cain. For that we thank you.

We must seek his counsel immediately.
The Forgotten Tower
  • After Initiate
The dangers there are not solely architectural. Once inside that wretched place, many succumb to a vile miasma.
  • Early Return
There is no more I can tell you about that ancient tower.
  • Upon Completion
I thought the stories of treasure in the tower were nothing but lies. I am glad you found something of value in that death-trap. Would that our Sisters had been so fortunate.
Tools of the Trade
  • After Initiate
The retrieval of the Horadric Malus is not without risk. Our Monastery is filled with voracious hellspawn. You'd best be careful, my friend.
  • Early Return
If you can't carry out this quest, how will you face the greater evils ahead?
  • Upon Completion
Well done, my friend. But remember, the return of the Horadric Malus is but one step in reclaiming the Monastery.
Sisters to the Slaughter
  • After Initiate
Andariel has desecrated all we hold dear. She must not be permitted to serve Diablo.

Destroy her! Her corruption of our Order must be undone!
  • Early Return
You have done much to help us, but I sense that this has only fueled Andariel's fury. She will not stop until we are all dead.

You must kill Andariel before her army can gain the upper hand.
  • Upon Completion
Finally, we may rejoice!

We owe you a debt we can never repay. I only hope that in time we will be able to rebuild our Order.

All our thanks go with you, my friend.
Gossip about Akara

Some of the other locals give their thoughts concerning Akara.

  • Charsi
Akara, our priestess and seer, is most upset by the corruption of our Sisters. I fear that she blames herself.
  • Gheed
Akara and Kashya are Sisters in the Order of the Sightless Eye, but they are worlds apart. Akara is a slow river of magic, and Kashya, a viper of war. They're both deeply devoted to their religious order, yet the corruption of their Sisters pains them both to no end.
  • Kashya
Akara has been like a mother to me for as long as I can remember. She is wise and good, but I don't think she has the steel to retake our Monastery by force.
  • Warriv
Akara is the Rogues' High Priestess. She sells the few magic items in her possession and can even heal your wounds. She is very wise and will help you if she can.

Diablo Immortal

Akara is an NPC in Diablo Immortal. She is found at the Rogue Battlecamp, introduced during the "The Horadric Bestiary" quest, and is later encountered in the Sanguine Ruins at the end of "Blood Resurrection."


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