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Adventurer's Journal was a Legendary Crafting Material in Diablo III. It requires a Character Level of 1 to use, is account bound, and may be stacked up to 1000. It was required for the crafting of the Penders Purchase legendary gloves. As of patch 2.0.6., it is no longer necessary (occasionally drops due to a bug), and existing tomes can be sold for 50,000 gold each.

The item had a small chance to drop from any destructible or openable object (like a shelf or a chest) in any act, or even in the Nephalem Rift.

It is one of the two legendary crafting ingredients that could be obtained at any character level, the other being Griswold's Scribblings.

"Written by Lord Pender himself, this unique tome contains complex algorithms, visionary theories, and obscure philosophy. Sadly, it was stolen by drunken adventurers from Caldeum’s Great Library. Since it never appeared on black market—or anywhere else, for that matter, we can only assume the thieves met an untimely end." —Deckard Cain

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