This article describes the third act of Diablo III. Alternatively, you may be looking for the third act of Diablo II.

Act III is the third act of Diablo III. It takes place in and around Bastion's Keep, which has come under siege by the forces of Azmodan.


  • The Siege of Bastion's Keep - Bastion's Keep is all that stands between Azmodan's invasion and the fall of Sanctuary. Light its beacon to rally the troops.
  • Turning the Tide - Drive the demons from the walls of Bastion's Keep so that the catapults can be raised.
  • The Breached Keep - The demons invade the keep from a breach deep inside its depths. Locate the breach and face whatever foul creature created it.
  • Tremors in the Stone - Save Leah from the malevolent horrors threatening to break free from the confines of the Black Soulstone.
  • Machines of War - Azmodan's infernal war machines batter the keep from a distance. Take to the battlefields and destroy them.
  • Siegebreaker - The famed Rakkis Crossing bristles with demons screaming for blood. Kill them so that you may finally enter the crater where Azmodan hides.
  • Heart of Sin - Descend into Azmodan's hellish crater and face the Lord of Sin.

Zones and WaypointsEdit

Act III takes the player from Bastion's Keep via Rakkis Crossing to and into Arreat Crater to eventually face Azmodan himself.

Quest HubEdit

The quest hub is the stronghold inside the keep.

Defending the KeepEdit

The first part of Act III has the player defending Bastion's Keep.

Road to Arreat CraterEdit

After defeating Ghom, the player sets out across the battlefield to take Rakkis Crossing into Arreat Crater.

Arreat CraterEdit

Once inside the crater the player descends the Tower of the Damned and the Tower of the Cursed to eventually face Azmodan.

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