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Act III is the third act of Diablo III. It takes place in and around Bastion's Keep, which has come under siege by the forces of Azmodan.


  • The Siege of Bastion's Keep - Bastion's Keep is all that stands between Azmodan's invasion and the fall of Sanctuary. Light its beacon to rally the troops.
  • Turning the Tide - Drive the demons from the walls of Bastion's Keep so that the catapults can be raised.
  • The Breached Keep - The demons invade the keep from a breach deep inside its depths. Locate the breach and face whatever foul creature created it.
  • Tremors in the Stone - Save Leah from the malevolent horrors threatening to break free from the confines of the Black Soulstone.
  • Machines of War - Azmodan's infernal war machines batter the keep from a distance. Take to the battlefields and destroy them.
  • Siegebreaker - The famed Rakkis Crossing bristles with demons screaming for blood. Kill them so that you may finally enter the crater where Azmodan hides.
  • Heart of Sin - Descend into Azmodan's hellish crater and face the Lord of Sin.

Zones and Waypoints[]

Act III takes the player from Bastion's Keep via Rakkis Crossing to and into Arreat Crater to eventually face Azmodan himself.

Quest Hub[]

The quest hub is the stronghold inside the keep.

Defending the Keep[]

The first part of Act III has the player defending Bastion's Keep.

Road to Arreat Crater[]

After defeating Ghom, the player sets out across the battlefield to take Rakkis Crossing into Arreat Crater.

Arreat Crater[]

Once inside the crater the player descends the Tower of the Damned and the Tower of the Cursed to eventually face Azmodan.

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