"The accursed were created when a necrotic plague spread through Kehjistan centuries ago. The infected watched in terror as their flesh blackened and died; the strongest medicines could not stop the decay. Eventually they fell into a dormant state, and their bodies were piled up in dark and forgotten places...where they could rest undisturbed."

Deckard Cain(src)

An Accursed

The Accursed are a type of undead enemy in Diablo III.


Accursed are first encountered in the Sewers of Caldeum in Act II. Conversely, they are mostly encountered in sewers, deserts, and tombs.

Accursed walk on all fours and unlike many other undead monsters, they possess swift movement and quick attacks. They hide in piles of Diseased Bodies, awakened by the sound of passersby which they savagely attack. Piles of diseased bodies can continuously spawn more Accursed until destroyed. In larger numbers, these creatures are extremely dangerous. Like Mummies from Diablo II, the Accursed are more dangerous upon defeat than in their unlife: they leave a cloud of noxious vapors after they are killed, with a short delay. This cloud deals significant Poison damage over time, multiple clouds stacking, so moving away from slain Accursed is advised.

Unique AccursedEdit


A Betrayed sub-type in-game model

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