An Abominable

Abominables are creatures that were found in the Northern Steppes.


Abominables are a slightly different breed from Wendigos, but are similar in nature. They are large but agile creatures often found in the caves surrounding the mountain range of Kae Huron. The main difference that separates the Abominable from the Wendigo is the temperature it can survive in, and prefers cold climates. None have ever spotted an Abominable in an area where the temperature wasn't below freezing. The Abominable were previously known to coexist peacefully with humans, avoiding contact whenever possible. However, chaos tainted them, as they are now quick to anger and attack with huge, sweeping blows of their massive claws. Once provoked, they do not relent until their opponent is slain or they themselves have fallen.[1]


Abominables are found in Act V of Diablo II, specifically within the Crystalline Passage. They are sometimes accompanied by a Dragon Skull, a unique version of the Abominable. All Abominable can use Bash, and in groups they can prove to be fatal to a character.

Statistics TableEdit

Normal Nightmare Hell
Level 41 61 83
Experience 2831 13948 53324
Hit Points 427-513 2137-2895 6969-12499
Melee Attack 1 8-22 33-58 61-108
Attack Rating 1 593 1128 3165
Melee Attack 2 11-25 38-56 70-103
Attack Rating 2 399 1009 2832
Defense 263 703 1373
% to Block 50 50 50
Damage Resist 0 25 40
Magic Resist 30 0 0
Fire Resist 0 0 0
Cold Resist 75 85 170
Lightning Resist 0 0 25
Poison Resist 0 0 0
Drain Effectiveness 100 100 100
Immunities - - Cold
Chill Effectiveness 20 15 10


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  • Their name may be taken from the mythological Abominable Snowman, since the snowmen are described as being shaggy and huge, much like the Abominables themselves.


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