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A Miner's Gold is an event in Act II of Diablo III. It takes place on the Howling Plateau, and a bounty is sometimes offered to complete it.

A complex rig sits atop a deep mineshaft, in which the Treasure of the Nephalem - essentially a Resplendent Chest - hangs from a pulley system. The event is started upon talking to a Crazed Miner calling out for assistance next to the rig's activating lever. One wave of Fallen and Fallen Shaman appears when the lever first gets stuck, then after the miner fixes the jam, another follows as the chest is ascending. All monsters must be cleared before the chest can be opened, which completes the event.


  • Bounty: Help the Crazed Miner
  • Protect the Crazed Miner
  • Kill the remaining monsters
  • Claim the Treasure of the Nephalem