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Über Duriel is a unique boss from the Pandemonium Event. He is an enhanced version of Duriel, the Lord of Pain.

As the Sin War plodded along through the centuries, many in Hell began to wonder just what it was they were fighting over. The Lesser Evils of Hell were growing tired of the endless ebb and flow in the tides of mortal favor, as well as those in the elaborate schemes of the three Prime Evils - Diablo, Baal and Mephisto. The Lesser Evils longed to return to the epic days of the Great Conflict, and lay siege again to the gates of the High Heavens.

Two of the Lesser Evils, Azmodan and Belial, saw the situation as their chance to overthrow the Prime Evils and take control of Hell for themselves. The two Demon lords made a pact with Andariel and Duriel - as well as their minor brethren - assuring them that humanity would not deter the ultimate victory of Hell. Azmodan and Belial devised a plan to end the stalemate and achieve victory in the Sin War, ultimately riding the bloody crest of the Great Conflict straight into Armageddon. Thus, a great revolution was set into motion as all of Hell went to war against the Three Brothers, seeking to send them into a Dark Exile.

Over the next two centuries, the three imprisoned brothers focused their Demonic powers upon corrupting the Soulstones that bound them to the mortal plane and began bending the will of any nearby humans. Mephisto was the first imprisoned and, consequently, was the first to break free from his bondage. His wrath against those who had put him such a compromised position was swift and merciless.

As punishment for his part in the Dark Exile that sent the Prime Evils to the mortal realm, Duriel has been left behind by Baal to guard the Tomb of Tal Rasha. Embittered by this new position of solitary servitude, the Lord of Pain has claimed the souls and blood of many bold adventurers.[1]

Tips and Other Additional Information

Über Duriel uses the same attacks as before, but he is much stronger. He regenerates Life twice as quickly as normal monsters, and his second melee attack has a 100% chance of dealing +40-50% physical damage at an Attack Rating of 8818, with a stun duration of 1.2 seconds. His Attack Rating is relatively low, so Barbarians with Shout and Paladins with Defiance Aura will greatly increase your party's survivability. His Drain Effectiveness is also quite high, so Life Tap or weapons which provide Life Stealing will be very beneficial against him.


Monster Level 110
Experience 2648000
Hit Points 650000-660000
Melee Attack 1 468-494
Attack Rating 1 7185
Melee Attack 2 149-214
Attack Rating 2 9798
Defense 2520
% to Block 50
Damage Resist 50
Magic Resist 75
Fire Resist 75
Cold Resist 75
Lightning Resist 75
Poison Resist 75
Drain Effectiveness 100
Immunities -
Chill Effectiveness 20


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