Über Duriel is a unique boss from the Pandemonium Event. He is an enhanced version of Duriel, the Lord of Pain.

Tips and Other Additional InformationEdit

Über Duriel uses the same attacks as before, but he is much stronger. He regenerates Life twice as quickly as normal monsters, and his second melee attack has a 100% chance of dealing +40-50% physical damage at an Attack Rating of 8818, with a stun duration of 1.2 seconds. His Attack Rating is relatively low, so Barbarians with Shout and Paladins with Defiance Aura will greatly increase your party's survivability. His Drain Effectiveness is also quite high, so Life Tap or weapons which provide Life Stealing will be very beneficial against him.


Monster Level 110
Experience 2648000
Hit Points 650000-660000
Melee Attack 1 468-494
Attack Rating 1 7185
Melee Attack 2 149-214
Attack Rating 2 9798
Defense 2520
% to Block 50
Damage Resist 50
Magic Resist 75
Fire Resist 75
Cold Resist 75
Lightning Resist 75
Poison Resist 75
Drain Effectiveness 100
Immunities -
Chill Effectiveness 20
LocationsForgotten SandsFurnace of PainMatron's DenÜber Tristram

Keywardens — CountessSummonerNihlathak
Sub-bosses — Über DurielÜber IzualLilith
Über Tristram bossesÜber BaalPandemonium DiabloÜber Mephisto
Keys — Key of HateKey of TerrorKey of Destruction
Organs — Mephisto's BrainDiablo's HornBaal's Eye

Rewards — Hellfire TorchStandard of Heroes
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