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Über Diablo or the Diablo Clone, is a variant of Diablo.


Diablo II

Über Diablo is a monster that spawns only on Hell level games on Battle.net when a certain number of Stone of Jordan Rings are sold to merchants. A notification is displayed onscreen whenever a Stone of Jordan is sold, indicating the number that have been sold. Once a certain number of these rings are sold, the whole screen shakes and the words 'Diablo walks the earth' appear on the screen. This message means that Über Diablo has spawned. He will spawn at the first super-unique monster you encounter, Eldritch the Rectifier, Bishibosh, Rakanishu and even Corpsefire in the Den of Evil. So you can basically choose the location to fight Uber Diablo by selecting which super-unique you want him to replace. He is similar in appearance to Hell level Diablo and is a formidable challenge. Upon killing, Über Diablo drops the only Unique Small Charm in the game, the Annihilus charm. Along with Ondal's Wisdom, it is one of two items in the game that gives '+ to experience gained'. It is recommended to have Prevents Monster Heal and/or Open Wounds, high lightning and fire resistance and physical damage reduction before taking on Über Diablo, else one may only do nothing but enrage other players. Non-physical damage builds will also need items that reduce enemy resistances, as without the reductions, the risk of dealing less damage than Diablo's healing rate becomes too big to be worth the effort. Below are the stats for Über Diablo.


Selling Stones of Jordan to a vendor in a game gives an onscreen indicator of how many SoJ's have been sold on the internet protocol (IP) of that game's server. The message " XXXX "Stones of Jordans sold to merchant" will likewise appear on every game running on that IP (ladder and non ladder). Since begin 2018, ladder and non ladder are seperated by IP. When the required amount of SoJ's are sold (between 75 and 120), Über Diablo will spawn in every Hell difficulty game running on that IP (both ladder and non-ladder). The amount of SoJ's shown in the on-screen message does not represent the amount of SoJ's sold since the last spawn, rather that of the total amount of the rings sold.


Monster Level 110
Experience 75673564
Hit Points 642700
Melee Attack 1 130-247
Attack Rating 1 14043
Melee Attack 2 143-299
Attack Rating 2 13064
Defense 2940
% to Block 50
Damage Resist 50
Magic Resist 50
Fire Resist 95
Cold Resist 95
Lightning Resist 95
Poison Resist 95
Drain Effectiveness
Chill Effectiveness

Diablo III

An Uber Diablo equivalent for Diablo III is up for consideration for inclusion in the game.[1] Currently, the closest thing in game is Diablo-based Uber boss during the level 70 Infernal Machine event. UPDATE: As of 2019-11-22, when earning a killstreak of 1,000 during Season 19, an Uber Diablo will spawn.  He is extremely powerful and drops all infernal machines, greater rift keystones, as well as other random items.


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