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Jered Cain fue uno de los miembros de los Horadrim.


Jered was originally a great Vizjerei Mage. Some accounts state that he was troubled by a terrible event in his past.[2]

The Dark Exile[]

Jered was among the Horadrim that took part in the hunt for the Prime Evils during the Dark Exile.[1] Deckard Cain would express the belief well after Jered's death that through the Horadrim, Jered found a new purpose in his life.[2]

While in the group, Jered documented his experiences with Zoltun Kulle; the Horadrim who had been entrusted with the soulstones.[3]

After Tal Rasha used himself as a surrogate soulstone to seal Baal, Jered took leadership of the Horadrim and led them into Khanduras, where they defeated Diablo, and sealed him in a series of catacombs beneath the surface, above which they constructed a cathedral.[1] Jered would spend the rest of his days living inside the monastery,[2] and would later write on his experiences, and reflected on Tal Rasha. How if he ever escaped, Baal would have the Mages powers added to their own. That in sealing Baal in this manner, the Horadrim may have created an evil greater than the one they originally contained.[1]


Jered's line would continue through the decades. Deckard Cain named his own son after him.[4] Much of Deckard's own knowledge of the Horadrim, angels, demons, and various arcana, came from the texts that Jered had written and passed down. However, Deckard reflected that he knew very little of Jered's early life.[2]


Jered Cain's Insight is an item that exists in Diablo Immortal.


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